Bombay photo blog

Bombay is universally recognised with the grandiose Taj Mahal Palace Hotel situated opposite another iconic structure of the British era- Gateway of India. I have visited the Gateway many times and now had the opportunity to visit the Taj inside out and was pleasantly surprised to see Bombay from a new perspective. Below are the... Continue Reading →

Domestic flights from T2

For all the frequent fliers and travellers this vacation season, this is a heads up. The International Airport of Mumbai popularly known as the T2 airport is no longer limited to just international flights. It is a general knowledge that only Air India and Jet Airways (which is now grounded and not operating at all)... Continue Reading →

Chai ☕

This is a light hearted write-up dedicated to 'chai' and for people who savour it. While browsing through some old collection of photos, I just happened to come across this photograph that I had taken long back on 13/08/2014 and thats how the idea of writing this came about. Now as we head towards the winter... Continue Reading →

Road to the American dream…

While I was studying in the USA and after graduating when I came back to India, I was posed with several questions by friends, family and well-wishers; such as “Why did you go to the US for studies, will the US degree be valid in India?” “Why didn’t you stay back in the US?” “Why... Continue Reading →


A poem about the power of 'Truth'. We might resort to a lie and bypass the reality for the time being but it all comes back. Lies are just bad karma and once you accumulate a lot of that, it will some how, some day boomerang, hit you point-blank and knock you down in ways... Continue Reading →

Somewhere there you are… 

This poem is an ode to friendship. For those with whom we happened to have crossed our paths at some point in life, then bid adieu and went ahead on our own separate ways. Some were just passing by but some came in our life and changed its course forever. Some remained, some left, some... Continue Reading →

Long into the night…

The poem is about dwelling in reminiscence and contemplation of 'Life'. In my experiences so far, what I have learnt is that, life is not a checklist to be completed but a journey to be cherished and experienced. It's important that you don't take life for granted, every moment you breath, some one some where... Continue Reading →

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