Somewhere there you are… 

This poem is an ode to friendship. For those with whom we happened to have crossed our paths at some point in life, then bid adieu and went ahead on our own separate ways. Some were just passing by but some came in our life and changed its course forever.

Some remained, some left, some we left and some just grew apart as time passed by…such is life. I wrote this small poem many years back, dedicated to the friends I met during my boarding school days. This is an updated and refined version, hope you like and resonate with it.

Amphitheater- New Era High School, Panchgani. This serene place has a lot of nostalgia attached for anyone who studied here.

Please read the poem below and let me know your thoughts, review or comments. Thanks 🙂

Somewhere there you are…
-Raunak Bajaj
Sometimes, I remember you’ll
And wonder that some where there you are
Breathing the same moment as I…

I look up and ask the almighty
“Why did you give us so little time together?”
Before we could realise, it was gone forever…

I don’t know if together, we can be the same again
The thought of left out past, makes me wish to
Rewind and live it once again…

I scold myself-
“Oh gosh! You are living in the past”
But then whats the present without our past?

I hope you remember me the same
That some where there I am
…breathing the same moment

And wishing the best for you…

“…those were the best days of my life 🎶”
 Bryan Adams – Summer of 69

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