A poem about the power of ‘Truth’. We might resort to a lie and bypass the reality for the time being but it all comes back. Lies are just bad karma and once you accumulate a lot of that, it will some how, some day boomerang, hit you point-blank and knock you down in ways that you can’t foresee or imagine. Its consequences will continue to haunt unless you show it the mirror of Truth.

In my brief period of practice as a lawyer so far, I have come across some cases that are messy to untangle and will be time consuming to resolve. I can’t narrate the facts here since we as lawyers are ethically bound with fiduciary duty towards the clients to maintain confidentiality and respect the sanctity of their case with utmost integrity. But I can say this much that these cases became complicated because the persons involved from either both or one side took shelter of falsehood, unaware of the adverse consequences it might have when weighed on the scales of Justice. In the end, only Truth survives and ultimately prevails.

img_0364Yes, in today’s scenario, Justice is a time consuming process but if you stick to your guns and vehemently advocate the Truth, victory is certain.

When I listened to the narration of such cases, while assisting my father, I penned down this poem titled- ‘Truth’. Please read the poem below and let me know your thoughts, review or comments. Thanks.

                                 -Raunak Bajaj

You are bound by none
And your conscience is clear
If you say the truth
Why should you fear?

You are seeking peace
And working for truce
Why should you fear?
If you are serving the truth

Truth is the master, while
Lie will make you its slave,
A truth is timeless,
It never vitiates…

Truth stays strong, while
Lie breeds fear in you
If you stand by the truth
It will stand by you…

Try to speak your truth
Or, you will live a lie
The life that you’ll lead
Is just the destiny of this- one choice.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”- Mark Twain

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