Bombay photo blog

Bombay is universally recognised with the grandiose Taj Mahal Palace Hotel situated opposite another iconic structure of the British era- Gateway of India. I have visited the Gateway many times and now had the opportunity to visit the Taj inside out and was pleasantly surprised to see Bombay from a new perspective. Below are the... Continue Reading →

Domestic flights from T2

For all the frequent fliers and travellers this vacation season, this is a heads up. The International Airport of Mumbai popularly known as the T2 airport is no longer limited to just international flights. It is a general knowledge that only Air India and Jet Airways (which is now grounded and not operating at all)... Continue Reading →

The Big B Day- Sunday

Bombay aka Mumbai is the epicenter of all the creative energies that churn out Hindi films and music which is celebrated and enjoyed in India and world over. Bombay is about Bollywood and Bollywood is all about Amitabh Bachchan aka the Big B. It is a well-known fact that every Sunday if he is in... Continue Reading →

Meeting a legend- Adv. Ram Jethmalani

Having a pleasant experience of meeting Ruskin Bond at the ToI Literary Fest in 2013 (previous post- Mumbai magic), I came back to Mumbai the following year in December 2014 primarily to attend the 3 day Lit Fest. Browsing through the lit fest's schedule on the website, the fest had gotten more bigger and better... Continue Reading →

Mumbai magic!

Mumbai is a city with great energy; driven by the dreams of those who flock here to realize their hopes and aspiration. This gives it a magical vibe as the good fortune can strike any time while you work towards it and a day that starts normally might turn out to be a turning point in a... Continue Reading →

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